Скачать X-War: Clash of Zombies (Strategy) - андроид игры и программы на pomahc.ru

Скачать X-War: Clash of Zombies (Strategy) - андроид игры и программы на pomahc.ru

X-War: Clash of Zombies

Категория: Strategy

Добавлена: 2 года назад

Просмотров: 2558


Размер программы: 33M

Версия программы: 4.7

Версия ОС Андроид: 2.3 and up

Возрастной цензор: Low Maturity

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Описание приложения "X-War: Clash of Zombies"

Zombies disaster outbreaks! Build your base, train your troops and unlock more technology to defend zombie's attack! Lead your base to save more humans!

--This is an exciting SLG with apocalyptic theme.
--If you are looking for a sci-fi strategy combat game, this game is the best one for you!
--It is a big surprise for you, if you like world war z or other zombie clash films!

Zombies Clash is an addictive mixture of strategic planning and competitive fast-paced combats. Raise an army of hawkeye, iron man, mech, warrior, kirov and other mighty fighters. Join a league of players, take part in League wars and rise through the ranks. Clear Zombies is just the first step - your quest isn't over until disaster is over!

--FREE to Play!
--Hundreds of stuff: Mutants, Enemies, Heroes, Bosses, Super Weapons…
--Create your League to take part in League war with your friends!
--Challenge powerful Boss with your league mates!
--Take part in Zombie Clash and capture them fight for you!
--Play Arena with other players to win plenty of Power Stones!
--Save Dr. X out and he will help you to build the base!
--There are more Exciting FEATURES and Interesting ITEMS than Clash Of Clans. Join us!

--Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/clashofzombies
--Email: feedback@caesarsgame.com
--Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjD0NzlcBnQ

История изменений и нововведений

1. Statue Tournament is coming now!
2. New heroes' skills are coming! Hero's UI, graphics are also updated!
3. Global Chat is updated, it's more friendly now!
4. League war is updated, you won't fight with same opponent again between one days;
5. Daily rewards is updated, you can get more Crystals now!
6. Skills of defenses are updated!
7. Daily Quests are updated! Complete Daily Quests to win 100 Free Power Stones everyday!
8. New heroes, flags, buildings, zombie soldiers are updated;

Отзывы к программе X-War: Clash of Zombies

#1. Very addicted game is like coc but better good job

#2. I can't stop playing. Highly addictive :-)

#3. You can only buy heroes using gems so it sucks as well. So i might go back to coc if this doesn't change.

#4. It's an obvious knockoff of clash of clans, but a really good one. There's hardly any differences, except for the variety of heroes, which are in COD: Heroes. I like it

#5. I hope this game as always in updated schemes /add more hero / and lvl of troops / im totally addicted for this Nxt time if you do that ill rate you 5*

#6. I was so excited while I was downloading the game. But the moment I opened it it was force close it's self. The moment the news paper headlines would come the game would shut it's self. Can't even play it. Please fix the problem. I really Want to play the game and am too excited. Fix the problem and it's 5 stars for YOU.

#7. Could use less time to upgrade. I mean unless you're trying to design a game for people with no lives.

#8. This game is like a clone of clash of clan but in other way its better...I'm happy with it and contended...just fix the laggy effect....

#9. Quite the best interpretation of clash of clans I have seen and the characters are very interesting.

#10. Where the hell is the heros inchigo and goku etc ???we dont like game companies that lies to their people's.. ....give 5 star if you give them to us

#11. Very cool game

#12. Great game but to get heroes can you change it to people instead of gems plz:-)

#13. liked it very much becos of better graphics and because it is available at android 2.3! clash of clans need higher version of android then until i tried this game! so nice! keep up the good work!

#14. Its just like clash of clans but a little different so its fun

#15. Its kinda like clash of clans but different character. Its still cool

#16. I like the game even though its kind of a spin off of Clash of Clans but I digress. In my personal opinion, I think there should be more chat language's at least more diverse. Also when global chat is blowing up you receive an icon that just reappears every second. But other than the obvious its a good game, good job guys

#17. It looks like COC .. But alot of twist in game..

#18. Make heroes can buy by people not gem please

#19. I will give you five stars if you will make the quality higher

#20. Um it would be 5 star if you could he hwros as easyly

#21. I Love it,Please update for buy need coins not diamonds

#22. Its fun

#23. Nice game and challenges..

#24. Never a played game like this in my whole life.

#25. Clash of clans

#26. I absolutely just love this game it's almost better than clash of clans

#27. Good game. Like Coc with hers. I like it.

#28. Nice game but is more better the graphic it change bcome better like coc

#29. Its a pallet swap of clash of clans with more hero units

#30. Best game ever its like an easier version of clash of clans!!! It's a Must play !!!:D

#31. Awesome Game but can you make this game can change foods into diamonds, diamonds into foods, energy into diamonds, or diamonds into energy.. So I can buy expensive buildings, traps or heroes..

#32. This is highly recommended game. so fun to play please more heroes for free tnx please include hunter x hunter and akatsuki or Avengers tnx a lot

#33. Even thought its just a clone of clash of clans its still really good to plY...addicting

#34. it's cool.And it's like clash of clans but different.


#36. The heroes are completely stolen from marvel and other franchises, but it's a good game.

#37. Well it is similar to coc but I guess its the heroes that make difrence though they are expensive too expensive

#38. Its one of the best games in played on android

#39. Try it out i have goku and metal man

#40. Great Game but this needs more heroes

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