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Скачать Star Girl: Princess Gala (Role Playing) - андроид игры и программы на pomahc.ru

Star Girl: Princess Gala

Категория: Role Playing

Добавлена: 2 года назад

Просмотров: 857

Разработчик: Animoca

Размер программы: 43M

Версия программы: 3.7

Версия ОС Андроид: 2.3 and up

Возрастной цензор: Medium Maturity

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Скриншоты к игре

Star Girl: Princess Gala скриншот 0Star Girl: Princess Gala скриншот 1Star Girl: Princess Gala скриншот 2Star Girl: Princess Gala скриншот 3Star Girl: Princess Gala скриншот 4Star Girl: Princess Gala скриншот 5Star Girl: Princess Gala скриншот 6Star Girl: Princess Gala скриншот 7Star Girl: Princess Gala скриншот 8Star Girl: Princess Gala скриншот 9Star Girl: Princess Gala скриншот 10Star Girl: Princess Gala скриншот 11Star Girl: Princess Gala скриншот 12Star Girl: Princess Gala скриншот 13Star Girl: Princess Gala скриншот 14Star Girl: Princess Gala скриншот 15Star Girl: Princess Gala скриншот 16Star Girl: Princess Gala скриншот 17

Описание приложения "Star Girl: Princess Gala"

Become the fairy tale princess you've always dreamed of! Live the whimsical life of royalty and capture the hearts of dashing princes in this chic fashion simulation game.

Experience fantasy royalty in this chic simulation app filled with style, romance, and more! With a little hard work and determination, you could be the next singing, modeling, or acting sensation! Strut your way to the top and grace the covers of various fashion magazines. Earn coins and diamonds to buy fabulous clothes in the mall and be the trendiest of them all. Want to grab special finds? Head down to Star Wow for new stylish items!

Live your own fairy tale story and meet your prince charming along the way. Find the magical fairy to open the door to meet the princes. Give the fairy magical stones and keys to unlock a prince and have fun with him. Choose which item is the prince's favorite so he can be your boyfriend and invite him to your home.

Meet other beautiful princesses and take photos with them in their home. You can also compete with them in fashion competitions and be the next style icon!

Be the fairest of them all!

- Revamped street with Christmas theme
- New fabulous couture in Star Wow!
- Collect magic stones and keys to unlock three princes; plus, a hidden prince!
- Find keys lying on the street and exchange diamonds to receive magic stones
- Vast fashion choices in clothes, accessories, and more!
- Finish quests and jobs to earn coins and diamonds
- Compete in fashion competitions and rise to the top!
- Connect to Facebook to meet other players

** Please note that while the app is free, please be aware that it contains paid content for real money that can be purchased upon users' wish to enhance their gaming experience.You may control in-app purchases made within this app using password protection which can be enabled from the setting page of the Google Play Store app. **

История изменений и нововведений

Отзывы к программе Star Girl: Princess Gala

#1. Only problem I have, is that the whole save thing, and then leveling up way slower. I'm only on level 4 but I love it... another thing is that we should be able to have more in our little box things. Plz!!

#2. I'm never spending another dime to try to when the contest. I've done spent hundreds, the ads disappear in seconds of purchase. They don't garantee a vote, they told me that last time I complained about 1200 ads disappearing in seconds of purchase not once but twice! I had 800 votes and was ranked in the 200's. While everyone in the top hundred had 10,000- 20,000 votes. It has to be rigged for that big a difference in a 100!

#3. I didnt get my reward of contest and moreover lost diamonds..I have made so many mails to support also but all in vain.noone even bother to reply.this is not the first time happened with me.. I am just frustrated with this game.this game should be banned and some other with much better performance game should come. Hate this game now..


#5. I love it very much but i had 1423 diamonds wid me but wen i suddenly pressed on the save option all the diamonds got lost in just a second. I need my diamonds back animoca u have to get me my diamonds back

Скачать игру Star Girl: Princess Gala

com.animoca.google.starGirlPrincess - 43M (play.google.com)

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