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Скачать Stranded Survival (Adventure) - андроид игры и программы на pomahc.ru

Stranded Survival

Категория: Adventure

Добавлена: 2 года назад

Просмотров: 7231

Разработчик: Matthew Tory

Размер программы: 3.7M

Версия программы: 1.0.9

Версия ОС Андроид: 3.0 and up

Возрастной цензор: Low Maturity

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Описание приложения "Stranded Survival"

Stranded Survival is an open world survival RPG. Stranded on a mysterious desert island, you must use any means possible to survive! Explore the island, venture into dark caves, and encounter terrifying monsters. Featuring randomly generated worlds, crafting, building, and mining, the world is yours to shape and explore.


•Completely unique, randomly generated worlds to explore
•100+ items to discover
•Craft tools, items, potions, armour and much more
•Fishing, farming, mining, building, fighting!
•The threat of starvation is always imminent
•Lots of monsters and animals
•Stunning pixel-art graphics
•Full day/night cycle


Comments? Questions? Ideas? Something wrong? Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance. Feel free to email me at: matthew.tory@gmail.com and I will get back to you as soon as possible!


*Not recommended for slower/older devices*

История изменений и нововведений

--------------Version 1.0.9-----------------
•Fixed a critical bug which caused crashes when opening the inventory
•Fixed a critical rendering bug which caused crashes
•Small optimizations

Отзывы к программе Stranded Survival

#1. Best game buy it. I got a talisman from killing something in the cave. I do not know how to use it!

#2. Great art style, simple controls and different from other survival games like minecraft and terraria. Think of it a bit like an 8-bit bear grills life simulator (2015) but you can't actually leave the island. Keep up the good work and make the game the best it can be. You have my support all the way :D

#3. Its a simple nice game with a few bugs. Hope local multiplayer gets added in the future. BTW could you make it so the screen doesn't go way too dark in night time. Thx

#4. It's a great concept. I feel it's just not funded enough and will take to do to become equal to already produced games. Keep up the work and it will make it there though

#5. The game is awesome! Few bugs and crashes but the main problem is that the joystick is is far too big!

#6. Love the app. The retro graphics are done well but there still a few glitches and oversights in the gameplay. It was great that you fixed the strange black screen which appeared whenever you brought the app back from running in the background. But now my saved files when i load my save files a large portion of my screen (usually my much worked upon camp ) appears as a black void that doesn't reapear. As for gameplay issues i know night time is supposed to be dark but this is a little much you cant see.

#7. Tested this game for about half an hour. Food levels go down in minutes starving you to death in a few more minutes. The exact time your food levels reach zero night approaches and the game turns completely black. You can not see the controls or anything. Enemies spawn right next to you like archers who you can not run away from and kill you in a few hits as you starve to death.

#8. Works like minecraft, in 3rd person. Fun to play at first, but it becomes repetitive and boring. It could be a good time killer if you build new world every time you start the game.

#9. Add some more potions like speed and fire and plz add wizardry also can you make the islands smaller

#10. Some buttons are hard to press because they are behind other parts of the ui. And also when you try to click them some times you have to press below them.

#11. I'm playing on a nexus 7 and its hard could u optimize for tablets and move the HUD closer to the sides

#12. How do you get iron though? Do you have to go deeper in the caves?

#13. Love having a little survival game on the phone. It feels like the food and crafting requirements are perfect.

#14. I like it and thx for the torch fix that was annoying timing the placement just right lol keep up the awesome

#15. The biggest tweak needed is to have a magnetic gathering system in game, meaning the stuff you harvest is drawn into you, like in Minecraft or Terraria. Right now I can walk over something a few times and it won't pick up. Add content for late game to keep the survival aspect strong, and this will be a 5 star game. Really good already!

#16. Good stuff like it needs more features, plays okay on my next book as mentioned below by someone else the GUI is a bit screwy on tablets. Also an option for a dpad instead of joystick would be nice.

#17. Can you adjust the control for moving, possible make it changeable to a d-pad style? Also maybe add a difficulty slide, I'd like to play without enemies just to get the hang of the game?

#18. This game is looking really awesome. Keep at it yo

#19. I'm playing on an LG L7 mobile phone with a 4G connection. I would love to continue to play this game but seems impossible due to the foreclosures. It always happens when I click the item menu , then exit it. I feel ripped off now.

#20. When I play the game it slowly progresses to get laggier and laggier but if you exit you world all the lag is gone, I used clean master and it my ram went to 90% it got pretty laggy but then I left my world and it just went down to 68% don't know if its a glitch or its just the weirdest lag I have ever seen, can you fix it?

#21. Has potential and for this low of a price I won't refund my money. Hope to see this game grow into something formidable and it does look like the developer is working on it so I'd say he deserves the money.

#22. great update.. increase light distance really helps when in dark instead of placing 25 torch..

#23. Simple fun and fast paced! I have been losing chunks from time to time losing my home, but regular updates and fun game play keep me coming back.

#24. More updates please great game maybe add a ridable horse or pets really enjoy this game thanks

#25. I love the game. It reminds me of a game called pigeoncraft. In the future do you think it would be possible for online or bluetooth multiplayer? If so PLEASE add that. Could you please somehow make it easier to move things around in your inventory?Keep on adding :)

#26. I like it

#27. love it best game ever!

#28. amazing game honestly.. Just a few things need adding. The food bar depletes almost instantly and there is a glitch with the doors. It duplicates when I try to open it. Keep the updates coming guys really good work here.

#29. The only thing I don't like about the game is how monsters can go through corners sometimes . Beyond that, this game seems like it's going to be one of my favorite games. It has the same feel of when I started playing Terraria, and I don't even know how many games of Terraria I've played. Right now I'm trying to get enough metals and a talisman to make the laser thing. Overall it's a great game. I like the new update with the doors and respawning. :D

#30. At first I was hesitant to buy this game because, like everyone else, I was wary about the lack of features. But I saw that you were actively updating like once or even twice a week and also listening to fans, which is great! The only thing I can suggest is adding in randomly generated shipwrecks or planewrecks to add to the atmosphere that you are indeed stranded with no hope of rescue

#31. Now it seems to be loading faster and no more black background, so now enjoying it. :) Those skeletons, though. Lol

#32. I love it, very addicting for me. had some bugs until I came to the page and there was an update! hope that solves my problems

#33. Keeps getting better and better. Just a bit faster on the movement speed and I'll be overjoyed. Keep up the good work Dev :-)

#34. Will more updates to come? I feel slow when I move.

#35. Great game. The developer is also very quick at responding and makes good changes.

#36. Honestly I see a lot of potential in this game, more than I see most games I find in the google play store, I feel however that the skeletons are a little over powered with their precision and fire rate, it almost seems impossible to do anything once you get their attention, I also am having problems with the item placement, like torches, where if there is only one in my inventory, it will place it then immediately remove it unless I time it perfectly, other than that though I have yet to see anything bad:)

#37. Fun so far. His movement is better, thanks! Reminds me of Terraria and Minecraft. Cute, underated game.

#38. Lots of potential. Hoping it gains momentum

#39. I'm having trouble moving objects about in the menu, plus fix dev, I'm using the Sony Xperia e1

#40. Looking forward to the updates

Скачать игру Stranded Survival

com.tory.survival.android - 3.7M (play.google.com)

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